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Tony Dancy – Tony Dancy Presents Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz

tonydancy3These jazz tunes are born from the imaginings inspired by the magical view of the best back yard in Los Angeles. Cedaredge Dreamscape is a real place where a krazy kat named Sadie (RIP) lived. A nod to Gabrielle and Jeffrey who so generously trusted us with their prized possession. The appropriately named Dizzy Pears is a delectable dessert created by my chef cousin, Amanda. And we cannot forget Joyce, decidedly always THERE, befriending us gweilos during our all too brief stay in Hong Kong. Who is Gypsy Johnny? Yes, my Roma heritage emerges in homage to my father John. Martha’s Mood, need we say more? The resurrected Resurrection is brought to exhilarating life by Francesca Falcone.

This album contains subtly complex “unsmooth”, smooth jazz with giant pop overtones. Produced by saxophonist Joe Turano (featured artist and music director for Al Jarreau), along with a plethora of the best unsung artists from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. We discovered this album at CDBaby.