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Willie Bradley – Another Day & Time

AnotherDayWillie Bradley was in the midst of recording a group project with his contemporary jazz/funk band Essential Elements earlier this year when an extraordinary opportunity to do a solo project came up and inspired him to take his career in a new direction. The Fayetteville, North Carolina based trumpeter had invited several young urban jazz sensations, including saxophonist Marcus Anderson and then 18 year old keyboardist Nicholas Cole, to join him onstage during one of his regular First Saturday of the Month gigs at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux.

At the urging of Cole’s manager at the time, Kim Giles, owner of Beyond One Entertainment, Bradley hired Cole to produce & co-write Bradley’s first solo album. Several months later, the trumpeter and Nicholas are halfway through the trumpeter’s edgy, urban jazz flavored solo debut Another Day & Time. Released as a preview for the full collection, the title track has already been picked up and played regularly by the national cable service Music Choice.

“Nicholas is very talented as both a writer and producer and we have an awesome chemistry in the studio,” says Bradley. “He’s very calm and humble and has incredible talent and an innate knowledge of music that’s far beyond his time. All of this is most amazing because I’m almost 50 years old, have played music for many years, and I learn new things from him every day! Working with him felt right because as I thought about doing a solo project, I didn’t want my music to sound like anyone else’s. He brings a fresh, young perspective to my trumpet sound and the result is great songs that are very unique. The title ‘Another Day & Time’ refers not only to the fresh start my collaboration with Nicholas is bringing to my career, but also a new chapter in my spiritual life after God helped me survive and kick addictions.

Another Day & Time will also feature many special guests from the contemporary urban jazz realm, including saxophonist/producer Darren Rahn, guitarist Matt Marshak, bassist Julian Vaughn and saxman Marcus Anderson.

The CD is available at Barnes & Noble.