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John Funkhouser – Still

Music has long been considered the universal language. It can influence moods. It can calm savage beasts. It can also tell a story or provide imagery for a story that’s being told. Still (Jazsyzygy Records, 2013) by pianist John Funkhouser is the latter type.

The core trio consists of Funkhouser, Greg Loughman on bass and Mike Connors on drums. Guitarist Phil Sargent appears on three tracks, and vocalist Aubrey Johnson on two.

“Indigo Montoya’s Great Escape” starts with a piano roll, then quickly kicks in the accompaniment. The trio goes through several gear-shifting moments, from fast and dramatic to peaceful – like an interlude between action scenes in a movie. One can almost visualize Indigo’s adventure from a hard-charging, open-field run to a stealthy, “let’s make sure there are no booby traps” approach. Interspersed are a few moments of planning and waiting for the sentries to move on.

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