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Scott Wilkie – The Wonder of Christmas


WonderCover_FINALv2615c00I’m very happy to announce the release of my Christmas album, available today in 111 countries worldwide on iTunes.

This was a very personal project for me, with so many intense memories attached to this music… playing carols when I was very young… sitting on the piano bench with my Grandpa Smith and his banjo… my Dad leading a chaotic and hilarious version of Twelve Days of Christmas with all of my relatives… watching the Peanuts Christmas special at 8 o’clock, one night each year (no fast-forwarding through the Dolly Madison commercials)… and sitting in our historic candlelit church in Detroit on Christmas Eve, surrounded by huge stone pillars, stained glass and giant shimmering live Christmas trees, listening to an antique music box playing Silent Night.

All of these memories, and so many more, are reflected in this album.

A note about the sound… I mixed this record to capture the experience of playing a concert grand. The recording has all the beauty and depth of the real instrument… I really love it. And in headphones, it’s remarkable how much it feels like sitting at the piano.

Thanks to iTunes, it’s very easy to share the music as a gift; all you need is someone’s email address to send it to them. Then in iTunes, click the arrow next to the BUY button below the album cover, put in their address, and that’s it! What a perfect (early) Christmas gift, right? 🙂

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And then grab a peppermint hot chocolate, light the fire, put on your favorite headphones… and join me on the piano bench for some of my very favorite music.

Scott Wilkie