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Kenwood Anderson – Handful of Grooves

Handful of GroovesKenwood Anderson is an accomplished drummer with decades of experience. He has played for many artists you’ve never heard of, and he’s done it well. He was a member of the band RioSoul, and he wrote songs with them and performed in countless shows. He has collaborated and co-produced with singer/songwriter Jordan Allen White. He is currently a member of the Reall Deall Band, heating up stages all over the SouthWest.

Though Kenwood is primarily a drummer, don’t let that scare you. His keyboard playing and songwriting talents are heavily featured on his new album. The music is “smooth jazz that won’t put you to sleep!” Relaxing, yes, but fun and interesting to listen to. Memorable melodies, percolating grooves, and tasteful musicianship. The album also features the exciting guitar work of Shin Kawasaki. Together, they create music that just might stand out amongst your collection.

Handful of Grooves is presented by CDBaby.