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David Lanz – Movements Of The Heart

DavidLanzMovementsOfTheHeart400“Looking towards heaven, I rise up and touch the sky. The unmistakable spirit of romance is in the air creating movements of the heart. And there in moonlight, I hear you in a song, as the adagio plays, heralding love’s return.” – David Lanz

Some musicians have the ability to transform your very being with the gifts of their artistry. Master pianist and composer, David Lanz, is that kind of force.  A wizard at painting a lush tapestry of cascading melodies that simmer into graceful refrains, and meld rhythmically fueled dancing harmonies that climax into wistful variations, Lanz has made a career of permeating the hearts, minds and souls of audiences around the globe for over three decades.

Ahead of his time, the visionary Grammy-nominated and chart-topping pianist has remained a pioneer in the genre of New Age music. The witty pianist has coined his own phrase for his music, ‘Heavy Mellow,’ a cute play on the term Heavy Metal. “I always like to point out in my performances that the term New Age is not really a musical term so for fun I coined the term ‘Heavy Mellow.’ If you happen to like this style of music then I guess you would have to be referred to as a ‘Heavy Mellow-head!’” An all-around journeyman with roots in rock, jazz and classical, Lanz’s music is a delicate balance between technical prowess and passionate grace that serves a higher purpose. “My spiritual path is all about creating music, communicating with sound, and allowing beauty to be expressed in my work,” declared the pianist.

October 8, 2013, Shanachie Entertainment will release David Lanz’s 41st recording, Movements Of The Heart, a sublime collection of original compositions that transport you on a glorious and emotive journey. “I draw from my source, the same source we all have access to…God if you will…and this source has an inexhaustible supply of inspiration just waiting for each of us to tap into it. This and my life experience is where I go for my inspiration.” Shanachie Entertainment’s VP of Jazz A&R Danny Weiss states, “Though tranquil and restful on the surface, the spirituality that lies within is the reason that David Lanz’s music resonates worldwide. He’s the real thing.”
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