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Airborne – Silver Skies

Contemporary jazz group Airborne from New Haven celebrates its 25th anniversary. Take Off in 1990, Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004), Turbulence (2007), Winds of Change (2008), New Horizons (2010), Back In The Dayz – Airborne Anthology (2011) and this year Silver Skies is a long discography, which bears witness to the consistency and professionalism of this formation.

From the very start, the album radiates with Touching The Morning Sun in sunny cheerfulness. The song sounds like a piece that was recorded on the first take. Full of energy and not edited. Heated by a percussion intro Cuban Style takes on full speed.

City Spirits is on many sections similar to the style of Shakatak. Elizabeth Dellinger sets highlights and vocal accents. BK’s Jazz Joint puts the emphasis at jazzy phrasing. The length of the piece allows the participating musicians extensive solos. On Just Chilin the group shows what they have fun at most, a relaxed interaction.

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