Michael Kollwitz – Steppin’ Out

Steppin' OutMichael Kollwitz has been performing on The Chapman Stick® * since 1976 and was one of inventor Emmett Chapman’s first music students. He studied with Chapman for 10 years and is considered one of the world’s top players of this new American instrument.

One of the most prolific Chapman Stick musical artists, Kollwitz has had twelve (12) independent releases: 9 audio CDs, a “Live In Concert” DVD (10/06) and 2 digital download albums- one of which was the world’s very first digital download album of Chapman Stick music. They are currently offered on more than 30 different premium digital music sites. “Under The Banyan Tree” (01/09) is his most recent audio CD release. Recorded ‘live’ under the famous banyan tree in Old Lahaina Town on Maui, it also features master flutist Lance Israel on wooden flutes from around the world. Prior to that, his CD “Hawaiian Paradise” (08/08) was created entirely on Maui with a distinct Hawaiian flair- including four tracks in duo with pedal steel guitar. “Waterfallin’” (05/06) was the first-ever CD to prominently feature the new higher-range Alto Stick® developed by Chapman in 2005. His other releases are: “Steppin’ Out” (01/00), “Moments” (03/03), “Carnival” (12/03), “Memories” (05/04), “Frosty The Stickman” (12/04) and “Here Comes Spring” (05/05). His digital download albums are “20 Greatest Hits” (10/06) and “Greatest Hits- Vol.2″ (02/08).

“Steppin’ Out” was Michael’s very first CD release. Half the songs were recorded with drums/percussion- featuring three top pro drummers in different styles. You’ll hear the widest spectrum of what is possible with this amazing new instrument in the hands of a master player. Songs include jazz, blues, rock, traditional, originals and a few surprises. Featured on the first-ever CD compilation of the world’s best Stick players, you’ll hear the great novelty tune “Severe Tire Damage” (initially released on Toe Tappin’ Records “Tappistry Volume 1”). There’s even a killer version of “Stairway To Heaven”! You won’t believe it’s just one person with one instrument! This album is presented at CDBaby.

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