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Michael Treni Big Band – Pop-Culture Blues

Pop-Culture Blues (2013) by the Michael Treni Big Band is almost self-explanatory. It’s a suite of 10 original songs that meld several styles of music, particularly big band jazz and the blues.

Composer, arranger and trombonist Michael Treni fronts an ensemble that features a combination of 20 other musicians, some of them appearing on only a few tracks.

The players are: Bill Ash, trumpet and flugelhorn; Jerry Bergonzi, soprano and tenor saxophones; Charles Blenzig, piano; Vinnie Cutro, trumpet; Rick Dekovessey, percussion; Nathan Ecklund, lead trumpet; Frank Elmo, tenor saxophone, alto flute and clarinet; Bob Ferrel, trombone and buccin trombone; Freddie Hendrix, trumpet and flugelhorn; Ken Hitchcock, tenor saxophone, alto flute and clarinet; Philip Jones, bass trombone and tuba; Joe Labelle, guitar; Roy Nicolosi, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and clarinet; Takashi Otsuka, bass; Chris Persad, trumpet; Joe Petrizzo, lead trombone; Jim Ridl, piano; Sal Spicola, lead alto saxophone and flute; Ron Vincent, drums; and Craig Yaremko, alto saxophone, flute and alto flute.

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