Felix Langford – Can We Dance?

Can We DanceBorn in The State of Wisconsin Felix Langford, began his musical journey at the age of 11, taking violin lessons in Jr.High. At 13, Felix fell in love with the art of percussion and credits his older brother, John ,“Doc”, as he was nicknamed as the one responsible for teaching him the basic beats and exposing his ears to some of the hippest, innovative cats on the jazz scene.

Although he did study voice at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and Music Theory and Piano at M.A.T.C. Felix is basically a self-taught musician.When asked why he chose to start writing his own music, Felix says,”The percussionist is always the first to go, when a band needs to cut costs. I just got tired of being cut, just when you feel like you belong. So, I was pushed, more or less, into the direction of writing music.

Can We Dance? is his second album and available at CDBaby.

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