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BWB – Human Nature

Eleven years after their first collaboration, three former members of the Warner Bros. Jazz family are reunited. Trumpeter Rick Braun, saxophonist Kirk Whalum and guitarist Norman Brown, BWB, are back with Human Nature (Heads Up, 2013), a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The trio had performed together in various combinations and appeared as guests on one another’s albums before coming together with Groovin’ (WB Jazz, 2002). Since then, they continued to assist, individually or as a trio on subsequent recordings. Braun plays trumpet, flugelhorn and valve trumpet. Whalum plays tenor sax and flute. The rest of the band consists of Braylon Lacy, bass; Khari Parker, drums; John Stoddard, keyboards and background vocals; Lenny Castro, percussion; Ralph Lofton, Hammond B3 organ; and Shelea, guest vocalist on “Human Nature.”

The set begins in funky fashion. Aided by Lacy’s bass line groove, the trio of leaders takes on “Another Part of Me.” Braun, Whalum and Brown take turns on the melody, but all three converge on the main rhythm after a couple of passes. Each steps out doing his thing during the middle break.

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