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Saxlo – Eclectic Duality

Eclectic DualityIn Amiri Baraka’s Blues People, he speaks of the connection between history, culture, a people and the evolution of rhythm and sounds. It is through Blues and its evolution into jazz that a people were and are able to express themselves and transform those around them. This connection is no more evident than in the sounds that resonate from the alto and soprano saxophones of Mr. Larry “SaxLO” Owens, also simply known as “SaxLO”.

It was no surprise that “SaxLO” would become one of the most sought after saxophonist in the D.C./Maryland/V.A. area and beyond. For over 30 years “SaxLO” has perfected his craft.

His mastery of the alto saxophone heightened his curiosity, as he would put forth the same effort in his mastery of other saxophones including the baritone, tenor and soprano. ”SaxLO’s” music repertoire includes a plethora of music genres including but not limited to Classical, Gospel, Big Band, and Contemporary Jazz. His ability to invoke emotion through his music is a testament of his ability to fuse his own life experience and knowledge of music as an art form that can transfix and transform.

Currently you can catch “SaxLO” playing at various local spoken word venues, weddings, church functions, open mics, or simple intimate affairs. Whether it’s in a jam session with other musicians, in his church, or in the middle of the family room on Thanksgiving playing for family and friends, “SaxLO’s” gift to touch the soul through melodious sounds positions him a cut above many. ”I simply love to soothe those that hear me play. If I can make someone forget about all of their troubles and relax through my playing then I know my playing is not in vain.”

Eclectic Duality is now on sale at CDBaby.