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I.P. Network – Switched On

Switched OnMusician with a “mission”.

The person behind I.P. Network is Inge Wenzel, keyboard-player, composer and arranger with a goal: to give (unknown) talented musicians a chance to be heard and to bring contemporary Smooth Jazz on air in The Netherlands. As different styles have already integrated in the Dutch culture, she thinks Smooth Jazz is a natural move along the other styles of jazz and could be a “bridge” to people who are not familiar with any form of Jazz.

Inge plays also keyboard in the band Out of the Box – Smooth Jazz. This band was formed to bring out USA Smooth Jazz covers in The Netherlands. In 5 years this band has grown from 3 to 5 persons. Now, in full setting Out of the Box performs all over the country. For their debut CD “Steppin’ Out”, Inge has written the songs.

I.P. Network is a solo CD project from Inge. I.P. are her initials: “Ingrid Pauline”, the network symbolizes the people of I.P. Network. “Switched On” is the first CD of I.P. Network aiming hopefully to more future CD projects. On this CD known and unknown talented musicians will be introduced.

The song Oceans Deep from the I.P NEtwork CD has been recently rearranged and co-written by Chieli Minucci tripple Emmy Award winner, 10 nominations and leader of the Grammy nominated group Chieli Minucci & Special EFX. This song will be released as separate song on CD baby!

The network has one goal to go: bring out these talentful musicians and contemporary smooth jazz on air in the Netherlands!

Switched On is now available at CDBaby.