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Christian Robinson – On the C Side

On the C SideSmooth Jazz Guitarist and Bassist Christian Robinson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Christian did not pick up a guitar until the age of 42. Drawing considerable influence from artists such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Al Jarreau, Grover Washington Jr, and many others. At the outset of his career, Christian regularly shifted between jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk and R&B. His musical style ranges from a hybrid of Jazz, Blues, Funk and R&B. later on in his life Christian grew to love Gospel music and combined his love for Jazz to fuse a unique sound of Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Jazz and a hint of Hip-Hop. Although influenced by many styles of music, Christian grew up on Jazz, Funk, R&B and soul. later in his life he began a love for rap/hip-hop and began combining the various musical styles playing the keyboard as a young demo producer.

After a horrific motorcycle accident in 2009 Christian bought a guitar and began learning how to play. After 3 years of trying to find a unique sound, he began to learn music theory on the piano. While practicing the piano, Christian picked up his guitar and was able to translate what he knew on the keyboard to the guitar. The start of his guitar career began with his first tracked titled “Damon’s Groove” which was originally produced specifically for a saxophonist. After the first song was produced Christian quickly began writing more songs centered around the guitar and eventually lead to playing the bass guitar. Although Christian Robinson wrote and produced his own album, he is currently seeking a recording deal with a jazz label to further his Jazz Music career.

Christian began his early music career by dreaming of becoming a DJ and Rap Star. At an early age he was exposed to Jazz by his mother. Influenced by artists ranging from Pat Metheny, Donald Byrd and many others. His mother had a large collection of music ranging from funk, R&B, Jazz, Soul, POP and many other styles of music. Christian Grew up in South Central Los Angeles where he continue to aspire to become a rapper. After attempting to seek help from several people to produce a demo, Christian Robinson began creating his own demos using a 4 track recorder and old 808 and 909 drum machines.

After leaving the military 1995 Christian became more and more interested in pursuing a music career as a producer/song writer. he joined ASCAP and started developing his own style of playing the keyboards, arranging and producing music for various up and coming artists in and around the Los Angeles Area. In 1998 Christian Robinson produced his first Jazz Album called “The Motion”, although the CD was never officially released he received many plays and downloads from 3 years later Christian Robinson hooked up with a Jazz Saxiphonist named Damon Rente, they collaborated and produced a album title “Jazzalicious” although never released the album featured a combination of hip-hop beats combined with smooth jazz melodies provided by Damon Rente. Almost 12 years later Christian Robinson began producing his Debut CD to be self produced named “On the C Side” .

His new solo project featured Christian playing the Keyboard, Bass Guitar and Lead Guitar on each of the 10 tracks. This Jazz Projects culminates the growth of Christian Robinson’s musical talents. from tinkering with beats, pecking on the keyboard to producing fully mastered smooth jazz hits. Listen to it at CDBaby.