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Lou Marini – Starmaker

StarmakerStarmaker is the latest solo release by legendary session saxophonist “Blue” Lou Marini. The CD includes 8 originals and features Jeff Mironov, George Wadenius, Gil Golstein, Leon Pendarvis, Alan Rubin, Danny Gottlieb, Chris Parker, Manolo Bandrena, Sammy Figueroa, Bob Cranshaw, Tom Barney, Birch Johnson, Lawrence Feldman and Tommy McDonnell and others.

“The focal point of the group is Lou Marini…he gives the band most of its colors and shadings, and provides it with a strongly melodic lead voice…Marini moves through these various settings with chameleon-like adaptability, playing with a strong, full projection and rich perceptive shading in whatever style he happens to find himself.”
John Simon, New York Times

Are you interested? Then listen to Starmaker at CDBaby.