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Freeze Frame – Best In Life

To find artists of German origin is not easy. Therefore it takes you back to those that are already known. Particularly gladly when they are characterized by special productivity. The keyboardist Ray Bach better known under his artist name Freeze Frame has already released the albums The Book of Movie Scores (1989), The Crossover (1992), Loving Life (1994), Feelin’ So Good (1996), A Balanced World (1999), Transition (2006), Colors Of Summer (2009), The Score Of Moviebooks (2012) and The Smooth Shore (2012).

This year he starts his activity with the EP Best In Life. Ray is joined by fellow-musicians Tom Farmer (sax), Petra Rathmann (sax), Lars Slowak (bass), Ricky Garcia (guitar), Tom Hapke (drums) and Stefan Gade (bass) on selected tracks. The Pulse Of ’13 introduces into the new project. With the familiar ease Ray leads us through his musical ideas.

Unlike on most other tracks is Ray accompanied on Return To Lincoln Park by most of the previous cited musicians. The tune has a certain New Age touch and exudes an epic romance. Based on a standard beat Ray offered with Day Of Sun ethereal sounds. On the Song With Greetings From Greece he processed his impressions of the trip, which he won in Greece. He does not sound like a typical Greek but remains attached to his own work. Petra Rathmann adds with the soprano sax her female note.

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