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Terry Tuck – Desert Wind

Desert WindDesert Wind is the debut CD of smooth jazz bassist and Indie artist Terry Tuck. This CD is a powerful rhythmic ride that will leave the listener wanting more. From his first single “Undiscovered” released in 2011 to the classic Phyllis Hyman song “But I Love,” (on this project) the artist demonstrates a profound sense of musical melody.

With the release of his first CD, Desert Wind, Terry Tuck challenges the perception of the artist as a lead bass guitarist. His ability to create and execute beautiful melodies has become his trademark sound, which has added a new and fresh expression to the smooth jazz genre. In addition to the energetic instrumentation, there is the performance track “But I Love You,” a dedication of love featuring his wife “Nkenge”.

This CD was arranged by Terry and Nkenge Tuck. Terry is featured on the five and six string bass as well as a modified piccolo. Additionally, Terry is also featured on piano. Enjoy the ride, hold on to your seatbelt, kick back, relax, and let the gentle breeze of Desert Wind take you away blowing at CDBaby.