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Murray Middleman – Love Songs for the Galaxy

Love Songs for the GalaxyL.A. Sax-Clarinet -composer Murray Middleman grew up in Philadelphia , the product of a musical family. Starting on the jazz drums set at age eight, and switch to the clarinet at age nine , where he learned to play hit tunes such as Louis Armstrongs’s “Hello Dolly ” . In a while , after learning more tunes, Murray dad ,Freddie .started to have him “sit-in” with his dad’s swing band of professionals .

The Settlement Music school afforded Murray the opportunity to to study with French clarinetist Maurice Sailly which required the young musician to travel across Philadelphia on two buses the elevated -train and ending with a mile walk through Philly’s “Germantown “neighborhood,to arrive at the famous school ,which was surrounded with photographs of the great musician such as Tuscanini, Heifetz, and Rubenstein .

The following year, after receiving his first sax , a C-melody “, Murray, started to explore Jazz.  Soon he was playing cool jazz in the 8th grade jazz band, and was invited to perform on WHYY, Channel 48’s (Philadelphia PBS TV station ), perform an original “Spinnin'( a Jazz waltz ) with his fellow 13 year old Jazz-Quartet members . At Overbrook HighSchool, in 10th grade, Murray happened to meet a very talented Jazz pianist name John Hopkins. John turned Murray onto the Soul Jazz sounds of Horace Silver ‘s tunes like Song For My father and Fithy McNasty. Soon after John and Murray formed the Freedom Jazz Ensenble , which also explored the wild “avantgarde” form of Jazz, and they played at local jazz coffee houses and festivals around Philly .

Love Songs for the Galaxy is a collection of romantic, fun and sophisticated compositions by Sax/Clarinet -great Murray Middleman, which will take you around the globe, to celebrate the beauty and passion of our world and it’s people , through the gift of music. Give this CD a try at CDBaby.