Larry Lehmann – “Jazzman”

Legendary guitarist Larry Lehmann continues to expand on his studio skills to produce more powerful easy listening tunes. He has incorporated more polyphonic digital synthesizes and Akai MPC generated percussion to his skills guitar techniques. His music can be envisioned as background for motion pictures and high end car commercials. Larry has recently introduced a line arch top high end electronic pickups for Gibson guitars. These new pickup sounds are used on the majority of his 13 compositions. He plays all parts on each track except for some limited backing tracks.

This CD will put you into a self-induced relaxed state. Echo guitar mood and smooth syn sound will take you to a whole new level. A good album to be heard in front of your fireplace with you favorite someone at your side. Total playing time for this album is 51 minutes A wise choice for all! Listen now to “Jazzman” at CDBaby.

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