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Robert Lee Revue – City of Smooth Jazz

Robert Lee Balderrama, aka Bobby Balderrama, renowned guitarist of Question Mark and the Mysterians has delivered yet again – an original and imaginative work . . . a passionate and highly-flavored Smooth Jazz album entitled For The Love of Smooth Jazz from his new band Robert Lee Revue. Each track has its very own unique vibe, setting that ‘smooth’ mood, which leaves you feeling kissed by a warm ray of sunshine and cooled by a wet splash of salty-air breeze from the seashore. Featuring a precise blend of fluid guitar riffs, with complementary elements of keyboard and saxophone, leaves listeners wanting more.

Robert Lee Revue’s album titled City of Smooth Jazz, captures the styles of Latin, R&B, and soft romantic songs.
all original songs written by Robert Lee Balderrama/guitarist, and Frank Rodriguez/keybds, two original members from a famous 60’s band, Question Mark and the Mysterians, hit song 1967 titled “96 Tears” .

City of Smooth Jazz is now available at CDBaby.