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Dennis Angel – Timeless Grooves

Having successfully released more than a half dozen diverse singles that charted and received radio spins around the globe, trumpeter Dennis Angel will release his debut album, the vintage sounding “Timeless Grooves,” on November 13th via Timeless Grooves Records.  Angel wrote eight songs for the varied 10-track set produced by keyboardist Jason Miles (Marcus Miller, Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross) that brings something refreshing and unique to the contemporary jazz scene.

Angel has a way of gracefully emoting pristine pop melodies from his horn over the type of laidback grooves that bring to mind jazz-funk hits from the ‘60s and ‘70s.  After experimenting and dabbling in a wide array of straight-ahead and contemporary jazz, hip hop, R&B and pop to construct an eclectic variety of instrumental and vocal singles, Angel knew he needed a producer to curate the sound for his first album.

Enter Miles, who gave Angel the freedom to create and encouraged the trumpeter to also play flugelhorn on the set.  Giving the well-crafted material a distinctive R&B edge, Miles (keyboards, synth bass, percussion) recruited “some of the very best players in the studio to play live” including guitarists Romero Lubambo, Nick Moroch, Dean Brown, and Will Bernard, bassist Amanda Ruzza, and drummer Brian Dunne.  Joel Mofsenson plays acoustic piano on the vocal tracks and arranged two of the compositions.  Long-time Angel collaborator Gottfried Stoger plays saxophones and deftly arranged the remaining compositions based on the classic American form. Continue reading