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Ragan Whiteside – Evolve

Listening to the Evolve collection by Ragan Whiteside, one conjures an image of a newly discovered vinyl album locked away in a time capsule, being listened to for the first time since the 1970’s. Ragan Whiteside’s newest collection, ‘Evolve’ is that breezy feel good, feel free 1970’s style of fusion, jazz and funk music that mixes it up with modern day style neo soul and adult contemporary. Several songs from Ragan Whiteside are reminiscent to the 1970’s musicians such as Bobbi Humphrey, and modern contemporary musicians such as Jane Bunnett.

The music from Evolve showcases masterfully Ragan Whiteside on flute and vocals. Several well known artists make the collection Evolve an instant must have album. Bob Baldwin contributes to the song ‘Feelin Free.’ Chieli Minucci lends his talents in the song and first song release from ‘Evolve’ collection, ‘Off Kilter.’ ‘On the Dance Floor’ features Porter Carroll Jr., and ‘Until Next Time,’ has contributions from Marion Meadows.

Ragan Whiteside’s collection Evolve is a fun journey back in time (Robert Cunningham – Newporter Jazz Review)