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Victor Magnani – Late Nighting

“I’m as proud of this record as anything I’ve ever done” says guitarist and composer Victor Magnani. “I came at this project with absolutely no preconceptions. I wasn’t worried about writing in any particular style, or for any particular instrumental combination. Without those constraints I was free to explore any ideas that I found interesting, and follow where they led me”.

The result is an album rich in contrast and mood, a varied and satisfying listen. Jazz, pop, soul, R&B, Latin, even classical music all inform the proceedings, but what ties it all together is the guitar playing. Whether wailing plaintively on the lush ballad “Two Doors”, slinking off into the night on “Slo-Jam”, functioning like a big-band sax section on “Coffee Ring Effect”, of building a wall of guitars on “V-Funk”, Magnani’s guitar is the centerpiece of each tune.

Radio friendly fare like “Totes McGoats” and “Cast A Net” sit beside more detailed pieces like the homage “Smooth as Steel”, and the touching bossa nova of “Second Chances”. This is a recording sure to please all fans of contemporary jazz, or any one who appreciates good guitar playing and strong songcraft.

Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Victor Magnani. Mastered by Henry Falco at Moon Studios, Staten Island, NY. Late Nighting comes highly recommendable at CDBaby.