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Skip Prokop – Smoothside

It is safe to say that few Canadians in the entertainment industry have credentials that would equal those of Mr. Prokop. Four time Juno Award winner, Skip has written eleven North American and international “top 40” hits. Skip has spent his entire working life in the entertainment and broadcast industries in a variety of positions from producer, performer to creative/advertising consultant in these fields.

The exposure of the Rock group “ The Beatles,” to the North American continent, inspired Skip to jump head-long into a full blown professional career in music. He established Canada’s first underground group “The Paupers.” Who were the first Canadian group to sign a major US record deal and spent there first hours on a live stage opening for The Rolling Stones. After successfully touring internationally for 4 years the group broke up and Skip went on to become one of the most sought after studio musicians in the U.S.A.

In 1969, Skip founded the rock group Lighthouse with long time friend and co-founder Paul Hoffert. Lighthouse was the world’s first 13 piece rock orchestra that went on to achieve international success as Canada’s leading rock group. Lighthouse was the first group in Canada to be sponsored by a large corporation ( Labatt’s Breweries”) on a national level.

n 2003 he formed a brand new smooth jazz group called Skip Prokop “The Valecrest Sessions” and recorded many of his never before recorded songs both as a player/arranger/producer. A current follow up Smooth jazz album called “Skip Prokop’s Smoothside” was recorded between 2010 and 2012 and was mixed and co-produced by Skip’s son Jamie Prokop. Jamie also played on the record and is co-owner of IAM Studios in Brantford, Ontario where ”smoothside” was recorded.

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