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Randy Hebert & Lenny Di Martino – 2BigGunZ

Two seasoned musicians from the New Orleans area have teamed up as 2BigGunZ to offer a unique approach to the guitar/bass duo accompanied with drums. Randy and Lenny have composed rhythmically-oriented original songs that effortlessly toss the fundamental role of bass back and forth between themselves in real time. Their live performances can confirm this!

Randy plays finger-style 7-string guitar and Lenny plays 4/5 string and fretless bass guitar. Many rhythmic moods and memorable melodies are captured including a straight-ahead unaccompanied 12 bar blues shuffle. A live in-the-studio, no effects, no overdubs radio interview with 2BigGunZ demonstrated their musical command.

‘Second Chance’ and ‘It Takes Two’ feature Lenny playing soulfully beautiful melody on fretless to Randy’s 7-string accompaniment. Randy’s ‘Trigger Happy’ and Lenny’s ‘Single Shot’ feature the two artists individually. The remainder of the tracks exhibit the duo accompanied by drums in a variety of styles and rhythmic grooves with Randy playing melody and accompaniment supported by Lenny’s bass-weaving ability to comprise a surprisingly full and rich-sounding final product on each track.

A big shout for 2biggunz at CDBaby.