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Jaithan Sparks – Hear, I Am

The Very Next Thing: “A mild classic fusion instrumental so easily one, and deservedly so, for the jazz airwaves.”
Bent Below The Knees: “Grab this one for life in the fast lane. A modern urbanite’s signature driving soundtrack. A blend of pseudo vocals, pads and rhodes, but that’s just the half without the killer keys and chords. Classic yet cutting edge, guaranteed to wow any weekend passenger side guest… But even you might be surprised…and find yourself all geared up with nowhere to go, plays just as well parked.”

Every Now And Then: “Catch the artist in a moment of reconnection. To himself, to a past, to a boyhood beginning. Naked, raw and beautifully simple. It never left the man but fell asleep in his soul. Now once re-awakened, gives birth to this thank song. Of piano simplicity and humble melodies. It knows to look back and be grateful again. The return that happens, Every Now And Then.”

Never Once Again: “Try this for vintage warmth. over a midrange groove so cool. How’s that polarity working out? Fusion tune that’s funky fun, melody that’s playfully pleasant. A dash of Eumir Deodato meets a hint of Carole King. or Steve Perry to boot. And all other wherewithal’s to create some jazz this smooth. Sweetly 70’s and delectably classic. like a temptation you keep coming back to. and find yourself with no longer the heart to say no or never, once again.”

This CD offers a smooth blend of easy listening and creamy mellow jazz melodies to the listener. This is truly Grownfolk Music and it will be quite evident the moment the first tune is played and heard. Here I Am at CDBaby.