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Jon and Ben Burchfield – Laguna Lights

Dove Award nominees, Jon and Ben Burchfield make music that inspires the soul. Combining such styles as gospel, classical, and mountain music, along with a bit of Irish flavoring, this unique duo from Nashville, Tennessee mesmerizes audiences of all ages. Jon is a master of Classical Guitar and plays in a style reminiscent of the great Spanish composers. But being raised in east Tennessee, each song is flavored with a hint of Chet Atkins.

Ben performs with a Mallet Kat, which can be described as a midi-marimba. Played with either mallets or hands, the Mallet Kat has unlimited sounds ranging anywhere from percussion to orchestral. Because of this variety, people sometimes compare the brothers to Mannheim Steamroller.

An evening with the Burchfields can be described as “Reaching the Ages”. Prime-timers love it because they recognize the music, while young people are inspired by the arrangements and intrigued with the instrumentation. Along with their own special music, the brothers lead the audience in worship through singing. And for the really big sound, they involve the choir and orchestra on several songs.

Smooth Jazz fans will find several albums of the Burchfields brothers on CDBaby. We recommend Laguna Lights.