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Fábio Costa – Refúgio

Born June 8, 1982, in the city of Votuporanga, São Paulo, Fabio Costa began to take interest in music at 12 years old, and his first instrument was the keyboard.

During the basic course keyboard, Fábio stood out among the students due to their musical perception and the fact that we always create something more than what was written on every song he played. His passion for the saxophone came to 14 years old, starting with the Soprano Sax. His musical knowledge was inside the church where he was raised, but not limited to learn only what he was taught.

Very demanding and self-taught musician, his studies came to 8 hours per day, and this “hobby” what else liked to do was play the music he heard and creating new versions for them. Fabio had a big dream: to get people to know GOD through music, believing that it is a very powerful instrument for evangelization and transformation of lives.

Fabio plays throughout Brazil, performing various events, festivals opening, recording in studios, in addition to playing in other countries such as Spain, France and Holland. Fabio performs concerts, events, weddings, recordings in the studio throughout Brazil. Also as a minister of praise and the word has appeared in several churches of various denominations within and outside Brazil.

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