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Cal Bennett – John Swanson’s Rent Party

Cal Bennett, a dynamic bandleader and top-notch sax player is a versatile and electrifying performer. His professional career was launched as a band member and featured performer on a song titled “No Name Bar” from Isaac Hayes’ Academy Award winning “Shaft” LP. He has also toured with Niki Haris, Carl Anderson and recorded with Ice Cube and served as musical director for Toni Braxton on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Cal has a number of writing credits including a series of compositions for the soundtrack of the Action Bros. motion picture release of “Ninja Turf” and scored the original music for an Image Entertainment 2001 release, “The Passion Network” on Showtime. His music has been used on many TV shows such as Life Styles of the Rich & Famous and Knotts Landing. His music is used in an up coming 2005 release, “Venice Underground”, from writer/director Eric Delabarre of “Law and Order” fame.

Recently, Cal has acted as “the sax player” and part pitchman for SBC’s new TV commercial currently airing on networks from Los Angeles to Chicago performing Eric Clapton’s “Layla”. He has also been a featured soloist for the National Anthem for The Lakers games over the past two years; most recently appearing on a Jan. 25th, 2005 game against Seattle. Also, he is the featured jazz artist in the new Starbucks print campaign “Hear Music” set for summer 2005.

His newest top-notch album John Swanson’s Rent Party is now available at CDBaby.