Reggie Codrington – Journey Back Home

Reggie Codrington is the son of the nationally known musician and bandleader Ray Codrington, who played with numerous soul legends, including Little Richard, Gladys Knight and the late Jackie Wilson. The saxman fondly remembers his father’s band practicing in the family’s den, and his childhood was marked by dreams of making music. By age five, Codrington learned how to read music and the fundamentals of musicianship. But his ACP—which required nine intense surgeries before he was 13—delayed his ability to play the sax for many years. Those afflicted with the condition often have poor coordination and walk unsteadily with a wide based gait. The surgeries involved muscles being alternately cut and transferred from his elbow, wrist and right tricep to improve his finger dexterity. Other muscles were cut from his leg to offer more mobility and make it easier to walk.

Codrington discovered that music could transcend him to a place of tranquility and offer a way to escape from the stress of life with a disability. Immersing himself in his music, Reggie was encouraged to join his school band where he found acceptance from his peers. And the ridicule he once encountered from his schoolmates was replaced with respect for his talent as a musician. Receiving the curved soprano allowed him to use a neck strap for a more comfortable fit for his arm and allowed for more finger dexterity and coordination. Armed with his new instrument, Reggie continued his study of music at Howard University where he started to develop his own personal style and truly grow as a musician. Receiving accolades from professors and friends also lit a fire in his soul to keep perfecting his special gift.

His ultimate goal is to go on tour and share his music and his triumphant story of overcoming the physical challenges of being disabled. His vision is to tour the world talking to young people and sharing how he overcame a debilitating disability, ridicule in his youth, and unsavory independent labels as he traveled on his road to success in the contemporary jazz world.

Reggie is a frequent contributor to the smooth jazz world with haunting melodies. His new album Journey Back Home is now available at CDBaby.

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