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The Dangling Success – Down on Houston

The Dangling Success is a New York based collective with a penchant for smoky groove drenched contemporary jazz.

Down on Houston refers to the artistic Mecca in New York City, Houston Street. The SoHo section of New York City actually stands for “South of Houston Street.” This CD captures the smooth, eclectic, yet funky vibe that is New York.

When playing this CD, you’ll instantly be transported to a cafe in Bryant Park, find yourself on the boardwalk at Coney Island or be dazzled by the Bling that is the city at night. After on gig the Dangling Success did Down on Houston, they went to grab a bite to eat only to be told that at midnight, it was a two hour wait for a table. That is how alive Houston Street can be.

This album is on sale at CDBaby.