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Jim Campbell – Smooth Sax in the Limestone City

Unlike pianos and guitars, saxophones only ask you to deal with one note at a time. Saxophones have no pedals, nothing to plug in, and run no proprietary software. I’ve never had a saxophone break a string or throw an electronic hissy fit onstage. If your sax is too quiet, you can mic it. If it’s too loud, you can stick a sock in it — literally. No sax of mine has ever demanded a special humidifier, or threatened to crack if it gets too dry. I’ve never had to pay somebody several hundred bucks to tune my sax, or to move it.

And saxophones are flexible. In a band setting you can play sax leads of course, or you can harmonize like a backup singer on steroids. You can play brassy rhythm parts, or make your sax cry and sing. All this over a full two and a half octaves — not quite Roy Orbison, but it easily gets you from Johnny Cash territory at the low end on up to Sting at the other. Classical, jazz, blues, rock — saxophones can do it all with a minimum of fuss.

But having said all that, I have to admit that Mrs. C possesses many other precious qualities that I also cherish. These include the willingness to forgive, and even underwrite, the odd spousal indiscretion at the local music store. And in over 25 years of marriage, my wife has never caused me sore lips. Never once. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Smooth Sax in the Limestone City is a laid-back mix of jazz, blues, and classic rock for sax lovers. We found the album at CDBaby.