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Aleks Palmour – To Home Harbour

Raised in Russia at age 12 he began playing guitar and have been doing this for over 30 years. The best years of his life had passed during the period called “perestroika”, when “a fresh wind of change” had swept over his country, sweeping away on its way the old Soviet foundations, and inspiring people on new, noble feats. In those days (the beginning of 1990th) the “wind of change” had also filled him with a new meaning, and nice melodies.

Aleks Palmour had finished a musical school and the rest of his musical education he received by private lessons, including 2 years with professors of The Gnesins Academy of Music (on harmony and the musical form), studying the great classical composers musical thinking, and the contemporary jazz harmony. That helped him find his own musical style.

This music is instrumental, ranging from Smooth Jazz, Contemporary classical, Bossa nova, Pop etc..  His goal is to compose music that evokes a positive mindset.  So, what am I doing?… Just cultivating my bed on this big garden called “musical industry”, in the hope that someone will pick a flower from it.

To Home Harbour is downloadable at CDBaby.