Brian Bromberg – In The Spirit of Jobim

Brian Bromberg created this year’s hat-trick. After his high-acclaimed Compared To That, a mainstream jazz album, which also respects the desire for smooth jazz elements, he surprised his fans with Bromberg Plays Hendrix, a tribute to the late guitar legend. His third strike is In The Spirit of Jobim, a homage to the Brazilian songwriter, composer and musician Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim.

Bromberg has carefully selected his co-players Airto (percussion, vocals), Alex Acuna (drums, percussion), Otmar Ruiz (piano), Corey Allen (piano melodies and fills), Ramon Stagnaro (guitar), Gary Meek (flute, sax), Mitch Forman (piano), Oscar Castro-Neves (guitar), Joel Taylor (drums), Mike Shapiro (drums, percussion) and the string section of The Rising Sun Orchestra.

Bromberg introduces into One Note Samba on acoustic bass giving the marching direction of the percussion group. A purely acoustic treat.


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