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Rob White – Just Kickin’ It

Millions of musicians play the saxophone but few have the ability to stand out amongst the rest. Rob White began his musical journey at the tender age of 7 with a violin. Brought up in a family of singers, his mother encouraged him to play music and chose the instruments for young Rob to learn. In every instrument that was given to him, from the soprano, alto and tenor sax to the flute, Rob mastered it. Rob always stood out amongst his peers until he attended high school. He knew that he was one of the best but he got tired of trying to prove himself to the band director, so Rob put aside all of his musical instruments and never played again for the high school band.

Then one day a good friend and minister asked Rob to play the hymnal, “Blessed Assurance,” during church service. He put up a fight but eventually agreed to play. And like a pure rush, it was like reuniting with his “first love” and Rob hasn’t put down his instruments since that day. Rob eventually moved to Indianapolis and got involved in the jazz scene. It would be at a friends gig that Rob would meet Erica Williams of E2 Square Entertainment “I couldn’t believe the powerful sound that came out of this humble, unassuming artist!” says Erica. That’s why when Rob White got the nod from Erica’s, long time friend Charles Huggins, he knew it was an incredible opportunity. “I am a real smooth jazz artist on Orpheus Music, the company responsible for the debut projects of so many musical artists!”

Having a long history of hits, Orpheus has been responsible for such artists as Freddie Jackson, Meli’sa Morgan, Alex Bugnon, Andre Ward, and Najee. Rob knew this was the perfect place for such a young, creative artist as himself. Just Kickin’ It is Rob’s new offer now on CDBaby.