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Michael J Parlett – Keep It Movin’

“This album “Keep it Movin‘ is truly a pleasure to listen to! It is good to hear a great musician release a set of mainly instrumental tracks that have been so thoughtfully arranged and produced. As if playing tenor, alto and soprano saxes wasn’t enough Parlett plays a mean flute too somewhat reminiscent of those vibe Dave Valentine GRP days. This album is a surefire winner for all those Should-tinged jazz fans who like a little hump on their Jazz!” Chris Standring.

This saxman’s new album has given the Smooth Jazz world a breath of fresh air by reinterpreting songs like “Misty”, Captain of Her heart” and my personal favorite original latin song “El Rancho” where he shows his expertise on flute. – Najee

Trust these experts and listen to the album at CDBaby.