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Ed Barrett Trio – Trio De Joie

Trio De Joie is the newest release by the critically acclaimed Ed Barrett Trio. Joined by Paul Thibodeaux on drums and Jesse Morrow on bass, guitarist Ed Barrett is in fine company for this soul jazz release.Their sound lies somewhere in between George Benson, the Allman Brothers, Bill Frisell’s Americana and all the mellow 70’s grooves you grew up with. Trio De Joie consists of all original material composed by guitarist Ed Barrett. These compositions show his sweeter, melodic side and are sure to please any listener seeking solace and refuge from a hectic world.

If you seek comfort in familiarity this CD is for you, it will immediately sound familiar and new all at the same time. Take the time to enjoy the sweet mellow sounds relax…enjoy….relax….enjoy. Trio de Joie a mellow journey into the sweet side of jazz is now available at CDBaby.

Honey Circle – The Feel

Honey Circle‘s album The Feel emphasizes in emotional and lyrical melody jazz. You can enjoy various smooth and comfortable melody rhythms and listen to each of the different instruments playing throughout the album.

Get The Feel from CDBaby.