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Zdany Chisholm – Genesis

Atlanta based saxophonist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist /producer Zdany Chisholm is a native of Tampa, Florida. He began his melodic life as a tot beating on pot and pans in his mother’s kitchen. Inspired by his musical family, he has played his way from the kitchen floor, to churches, all throughout Europe. Every show was an opportunity to exploit his musical talents and further the development of his passion. Zdany is known mostly for his soulful and heart-felt sound and performances.

A graduate of Florida A&M University and a former member of the Marching 100, Zdany has performed for the mayor, other dignitaries, and the capital city residents with many great musicians, including his own band, Minor7even. He has performed at many weddings, parties, and charity events, like the Big Bend Back to School Community Experience, the Lincoln Center Health Awareness Block Party, MusicFest: Sounds of Hope – sponsored by the Refuge House for Victims of Domestic Violence, Jazz for Justice, a celebratory gala for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and a 2008 Inauguration Gala for President Obama.

He has received numerous awards, nominations and accolades for his outstanding leadership, dedication and superior musicianship in his craft. He was a recipient of the much acclaimed John Phillip Sousa Award and the Gospel Music Workshop of America Award for Musicianship to name a couple. “Only what you do for Christ will last,” the humble man quotes his mother.

Zdany’s musical influences are great in number and are not genre specific. He believes that everyone from the greats to the not-so greats has a voice and something can be learned. However, he does have his list of inspirational favorites.

Zdany is currently the Saxophonist for Cody Chestnutt, whose music blends elements of rock, funk, soul, blues, and hip hop. Zdany recently performed at the legendary 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, sharing the stage with Larry Graham with Graham Central Station, and Bootsy Collins. Although he has been featured on several CD projects, Zdany’s debut album entitled “Genesis,” highlight his diverse musical and producing interest. The album offers a little something for everyone and will keep you moving and grooving at the same time. Genesis is just arrived at CDBaby.

Dreaming In Colour – The Dream Merchant

The band’s name is just as colorful and brightly vibrant as their music. Dreaming In Colour are bassist Kevin Ellis, drummer Chris Noonan and guitarist Joe Calandrino. Kevin founded the band with the desire to play rock jazz with a contemporary touch. Chris Noonan has studied with Dave Weckl and Jim Chapin in L.A. and follows the same style. Joe Calandrino holds a Bachelor of music performance from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and completes the trio.

During the recordings of their debut album The Dream Merchant (2012) the band was joined by keyboardists Jeff Lorber and Tim Pascoal, as well sax players Nelson Rangell and Eric Marienthal. In view of these jazz fusion greats one might not sure in which direction the train is driving, but the first notes allure with smooth jazz tones.

The up-tempo Chromatic smiles with a melodious theme but with Lorber on keys the song satisfies with prolific instrumental mastership. Yearbook keeps smooth jazz and jazz fusion in a grooving balance. Twilight Drive features Eric Marienthal on alto sax with a jazzy approach, but it’s Jeff Lorber who lets the song shine with nice phrasings on Rhodes piano.


Jeff Allison – Free Agent

Jeff Allison is a gospel urban jazz artist, composer, arranger and producer. He was born and raised in Detroit, MI. His musical influences are Phil Brooks, Wayman Tisdale and Teddy Riley.

Jeff’s innovative and technically demanding style of playing blends both harmonic treble tones and melodic bass growl for a romantic contemporary sound. Free Agent is now available at CDBaby.

Chillaxing Jazz Kollektion – Groove Jazz N Chill #2

After releasing one of the bestselling Smooth Jazz albums for Kool&Klean series, producer and contemporary saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni launches new Chillaxing Jazz KolleKtion. His newest album is a special blend of chill out, electro jazz, relaxing grooves and sweet melodies, – relaxing and soothing to your heart and mind.

Nothing much to tell about, just listen to the music and enjoy the good feeling after. Groove Jazz N Chill #2 is on sale at CDBaby.

Darryl C. Dade – Impressions from the Heart

Combining worship and music that is Darryl C. Dade‘s mission. Spiritual gospel music and smooth jazz is his offer with Impressions from the Heart. Check it at CDBaby.

Brian Bromberg – Compared To That

Brian Bromberg is one of the top five bassists worldwide. The GRAMMY nominated bass player grew up in a world of jazz. He already performed in early years with area jazz bands and symphonies. Although some of his twenty solo albums are settled in the smooth jazz realm, his musical love was always devoted to straight ahead jazz. “I still love playing with straight-ahead jazz artists and I want to do more acoustic, mainstream jazz albums myself.”

Brian’s new album Compared To That is such a mainstream jazz album, which also respects the desire for smooth jazz elements. The album was recorded live in between two days. Recording artists were beside Brian Alex Acuna, Gannin Arnold, Charlie Bisharat, Randy Brecker, Vinnie Colaiuta, George Duke, Bela Fleck, Mitch Forman, Larry Goldings, Jeff Lorber, Gary Meek and Tom Zink.

Fast paced, horn driven, bass loaded, that is the introducing Compared To That. Bromberg excels on Upright bass with impressive dexterity. Jeff Lorber brings with his signature piano virtuosity the piece to breathtaking highs.



Lynn Cannon – What’s Up!

Lynn Cannon was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1958, and has been playing the Piano since age 12. Lynn’s musical roots come from Gospel, which is where he was first introduced to both acoustic Piano and Hammond B-3 organ. Lynn’s Mother has always been a major musical influence through her involvement with Gospel music and Church Choirs.

Following College, Lynn joined an R&B/Pop music band in the early 1980s, which served as his first exposure live performing. Following years of playing shows in local clubs and special events, Lynn started recording original contemporary Jazz music during the fall of 1998, which has evolved into his debut CD, Smooth Sailing, followed by Walk In The Park in ‘2001.

Lynn’s musical style has been influenced by such jazz musical greats like Jeff Lorber, Fattburger, and Greg Karukas. His three jazz releases cover a spectrum of different grooves and moods for a variety of Jazz listeners, whether on a long relaxing drive, enjoying a picnic in a park, or just special occasions with friends or your special someone.

He is a father of three, and has a wonderful wife. He is an aspiring musician, and plans to release more music projects in the near future, as well as seek out prime opportunities to perform live at music venues catering to jazz music fans.

His newest album  What’s Up! is just released at CDBaby.

Eliel Bueno – Mi Mejor Regalo

Mi Mejor Regalo (My Best Gift) comes from the hand of my friends and musicians Juan Carlos Bueno on guitars, David Cesar on sax, Daniel Good on drums, Luis Bueno at one of the keyboards, Isaiah Alfonso on keyboards, Hector Altamar (composer Victoria theme), Gustavo Paris on drums, Venancio Aular on drums, Joel Jimenez on the keyboards, in metals helped me Kender Medina (trumpeter Guaco), Lalo Ugas in the trombone, Joan Pirela on drums, and the work of mixing and mastering was done in the studio CD Studio, Cabimas, Zulia state, with the help of Charles David Well. We love smooth jazz and want to share.

Mi Mejor Regalo is now on sale at CDBaby.

Reggie Codrington – Vicarious Experience

Discerning urban jazz fans searching for something new to get jazzed and groove about don’t need to have Vicarious Experience to make it happen—they just need to get hip to the melodic and cool old school soul meets contemporary funk of veteran saxophonist Reggie Codrington. While the Fayetteville, North Carolina native is new on many people’s radars, he’s actually been performing and recording since the early 90s and has eight previous CDs, several under the name Reggie C; the most recent of these are Sunny Days (2008), Vision of Dreams (2010), Christmas With Pops (2009) and Journey Back Home (2005), which was produced by Phil Davis, who has worked with Stanley Clarke, George Duke and Al Jarreau, among many others.

His latest project, which is produced by and features the tenacious bass playing of Brian Morgan (whose many credits include George Benson), Vicarious Experience finds Codrington—whose primary voice is the curved soprano sax–in a romantic, optimistic mood, using the changing vibes of the songs (and the listener’s imagination) to chronicle the ups, downs, excitement and challenges of a romantic relationship from track to track. While many artists cite their parents as prime influences on their careers, Codrington takes that one step further, inviting his father Ray—who helped Codrington develop his skills and learn improvisation—to play trumpet throughout the recording.

“When I make a record, I always want to have a warm sound with harmonies,” he says, “and in this case that means having dad play a lot of horn parts and percussion. When we were making the album, I found myself in a 70s and 80s type groove, inspired by everyone from De La Soul funk rhythms to Sade and Parliament. I grew up listening to old school R&B/funk so that’s a pretty natural influence for me. The process began with Brian sending me some great tracks and me putting melodies to them, then arranging harmonies and atmospheres around my lead sax. The romantic story thread emerged from the emotions I was experiencing at the time with the lady I was dating. I thought it might be fun to invite people into my musical heart this way.”

Like a lot of veteran artists who have taken many recordings to break through, Codrington has survived his share of disappointments in the music industry, even as he’s made a living performing for many years. That commitment to overcoming obstacles stems from the difficulties in his childhood dealing with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy (ACP), a chronic condition that affects muscle coordination and depth perception. Receiving a curved soprano sax on his 18th birthday led to a major transformation, offering a comfortable way to play that he had not previously experienced. “Something magical happened, and I knew I had found my niche,” he says. “I fell in love.”

Vicarious Experience is Reggie’s special offer at CDBaby.

Gina Leneé – Under the Same Sky

Fresno composer and pianist, Gina Leneé celebrates her new piano album Under the Same Sky. Gina’s music is inspired by the people and moments in her life. This gifted composer, musician and producer has created five memorable albums: From the Heart, Moments With You, Holiday Wishes and Lullaby Collection.

Her albums From the Heart, Moments With You, and Under the Same Sky, are deeply personal recordings. For Gina, her role as a composer is more profound and fulfilling than that of a musician. She hopes someday to compose music for stage performances and film production.

Under the Same Sky is now available at CDBaby.