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Mike DeRose & Jason Weber – 1st Avenue Reunion

Graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1994 Jason Weber is since a long time an integral part of the San Diego jazz scene. He started his solo career with 1st AVENUE in 1997, followed by Leap of Faith (1999), Something Blue (2002), Can U Feel Me Now? (2005) and in 2009 Five. He also collaborated with guitarist Michael Rosati on the album Bringin’ It (2011).

His newest collaboration is with  guitarist Mike DeRose, who already performed on Jason’s albums Something Blue and Five. Mike DeRose hails from the Midwest city of Racine, WI. Born & raised there he was drawn towards the guitar at an early age. Mike taught guitar for 20 years at a local music store, until recently when he decided to devote all of his time to recording and performing. To date Mike has appeared on several projects, as guest musician, for such artists as: Jason Weber, Bennett Carl, The Smooth Jazz All Stars, khalage, G. Womack. He has also recorded and released original material, and his own renditions of pop standards.

1st Avenue Reunion is now available at CDBaby.