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Pete Gitlin – Amplify

Coming Together Records proudly announces Amplify, the second release from Phoenix-based guitarist and composer Pete Gitlin. Following up on “Full Circle and the Great Temptation”, and its #1 hit “Sunshine Days”, Amplify stakes out new ground in the alternative jazz genre. Early previews of the CD describe it as “the Sgt. Pepper of smooth jazz”, in that each of the ten tracks are very different, and yet they hang together as an inspiring and uplifting work.

Far from playing it safe, Gitlin and his producer, John Herrera, from the legendary Arizona fusion band Turning Point, have crafted a dizzying array of styles and songs, from the pure smooth jazz of the joyous single “Lucky in Love”, to the neo-soul of “Soul Connection”, to the raunchy beat of “Reggaetown”, to the country/jazz feel of “Cowboys and Indians”, to the Philly-soul sound of “Until the Morning Comes”. A truly unique work, with production and excitement rare in the smooth jazz genre.

The Sgt. Pepper of smooth jazz! Ten diverse tracks, featuring Pete on guitar, joined by incredible musicians and vocalists, including Cindy Bradley, Jeff Kashiwa, Dominic Amato and Dennis Rowland. A musical journey and experience! Amplify is available at CDBaby.