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John Coleman – Just One More Time

John Coleman comments: “Even though my music is of a “smooth jazz” genre, it has appealed to a much wider spectrum of listeners of many genres simply because it has a strong Gospel, Latin, R&B and Pop influence. My personal musical influences through the years have been Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis, Oscar Peterson, George Duke just to name a few. Somehow it seems like we’re all connected.

My musical philosophy is, it’s more than just sitting down and hitting a few nice chords, licks or runs, the music has to originate from deep within the heart and soul and come together in a supernatural way. It all has to do with the atmosphere the music sets. An ambiance of peace, love, romance, laughter, joy and healing. That is the goal, to bring each listener into the realm I personally experience when I’m performing. As I mentioned above, my influences are great & many. As we listen to artists perform from their heart & soul, that is exactly what you’re feeling when you listen to them; what they’re really about inside. So what you feel in my music is truly what my spirit reveals. I give praise to God, because after all in him is really where it all begins and ends.”

John Coleman’s Just One More Time newest smooth jazz album reaches beyond the heart and reaches deep into the very spirit of the listener. Each song brings a sense of chillaxing peaceful ambiance with a sudden urge to groove. 20 tracks filled with reminiscent sounds of Latin, funk & romance smooth jazz are sure to set the mood just right.

Listen to the album at CDBaby.