Robert Kramers – On the Block

Robert Kramers started playing guitar when he was 8. His career started at the age of 16, when the bass player of the band “Ligimo” left, Robert decided to change his guitar for a bass. With “Ligimo”, he played a mix of covers and self written songs in many cafes in the North of Holland.

During his College years, he founded with some friends the very popular funk & soul cover band “Jam Square”. For more than 10 years, “Jam Square” played on parties and festivals in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Together with Jam Square he made one live CD.

In November 2008, Robert joined the Dutch band “Alderliefste”, a well known band in Holland. with 2 songs in the Dutch top 2000 (Bellle Histoire/ Een Mooi Verhaal and Laat me/ Vivre). The last song was made in collaboration with Ramses Shaffy, one of Holland’s most famous singers, who passed away in 2010.

This year Robert released his first solo album  On the Block,  which is available at CDBaby.



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