Greg Adams – East Bay Soul 2.0

With the experience of his previous work as leading member and arranger of Tower of Power it was a question of time, that Greg would build a new formation after the departure from this legacy in 1995.

East Bay Soul is Greg’s new group comprising today’s of Smitty Smith (bass), Johnnie Bamont (sax and flute), Michael Paulo (sax), Joey Navarro (keyboards), Johnny Sandoval (percussion), Herman Matthews (drums), Sean Billings (trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone), Darryl Walker (vocals) and James Wirrick (guitar). Founded in 2009 the group already had some personal changes but the music is still the same since the release of the debut album East Bay Soul.

Greg releases the albums on his own label Ripa Records. His new album East Bay Soul 2.0 was completely funded by fans. Greg comments: “This project is a labor of love for so many reasons and a real treat to give back to the fans of my music and East Bay Soul. I really wanted to bring a variety of emotion to the project, songs that challenged me, moved me, hoping that it will do the same for the listener. Come along with us and join East Bay Soul 2.0!”


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