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I Happened To Hear 02/2012

If you look back at the October 2011 ‘I Happened to Hear’, you’ll see how much I enjoyed Scott Martin Band’s last studio outing.

The blazing ‘Manteca’ will please fans of really energetic Latin music. The piano and percussion are sizzling, but the sax is positively burning. You’ll hear the same lightning-fast runs on the groovy ‘Watusi Boogaloo’ too. That’s not to say that pianist Mark Massey gets left behind – his solos on both these songs are very satisfying. They’re very soulful and a touch of humour creeps in. Great, great stuff!! I loved the version of ‘Gregory is Here’ from the preceding studio release and it’s my favourite track here too. At eight minutes, you can get seriously drawn in.

The mood is sexy for ‘A Night in Rio’ and also for the beautiful ‘Only Trust Your Heart’. Reach for that cocktail or that chilled chardonnay…

Fans of music that brings a smile to your face will lap up the party tune ‘Mardi Gras Mambo’. Likewise, the more, ahem, mature fusion fans will love this band’s take on the Crusaders’ timeless ‘Keep that Same Old Feeling’. They deliver a respectful and true rendition which must have had a whole theatre-full of heads nodding. I wish I’d been there…



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