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Nino Mekouar – Daydream

Nino Mekouar is a new-age flamenco guitarist born in 1985 in Casablanca. He offers a fusion of sounds: Flamenco, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, and he explore the universe of improvisation, armed with a touch re-known since the first note. Nino grew in a musical house-hold, and started as a guitar apprentice at the age of twelve, and two years later, he had already made his first public concert. Moreover, he also tried the bass for a few years before completely devoting himself to the guitar.

At the age of 15, he discovers the music of the virtuoso Vicente Amigo, who quickly becomes Nino’s model. So, he locked himself for hours in his room, trying to understand and play the compositions of this maestro of flamenco music, always benefiting from new concepts of the traditional Flamenco. Nevertheless, Nino’s passion of music does not limit itself just to flamenco. He explores as well the different languages of a guitar, such as Smooth Jazz, to Latin Jazz or the fusion Jazz-Rock.

Received in many references scenes, Nino has been able to develop his flamenco style to its deepest extent, always flowering the whole composition with new sounds, reflections of his new experiences, his life, his culture, and his influences.

Daydream is a Flamenco/Jazz instrumental CD with smooth, original and beautiful compositions on a Spanish guitar. If you like Vicente Amigo, Jesse Cook, Luis Salinas, Ottmar Liebert or Earl Klugh, you’ll love this CD. Daydream is available at CDBaby.