Patrick Yandall – Acoustic Dreamscape

One of the most creative guitarists is Patrick Yandall. He started his solo career with That Feels Nice (1994), followed by A Lasting Embrace (1997), Of Two Cities (2000), Back To The Groove (2001), From The Ashes (2003), Eyes Of Mars (2005), Samoa Soul (2006), Laws Of Groovity (2008), A New Day (2009) and The Window (2010). Besides his smooth jazz projects he also released albums in the Blues genre like New York Blues (2007) and One Hour Blues (2010) as well as in the Hard Rock realm with Going For One (2010).

His newest smooth jazz project is Acoustic Dreamscape (2012). Smooth, contemporary jazz featuring the acoustic guitar of international recording artist Patrick Yandall. Putting down his electric for this project and featuring a relaxing set including two covers; 1 Bob Dylans All Along the Watchtower and Steve Howe’s. Now on sale at CDBaby.

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