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Jeff Lorber Fusion – Galaxy

Few musicians have defined the sound of contemporary jazz over 30 years like keyboard wizard Jeff Lorber. His sound and his production touch are heard on many of the best recordings out there.

As such, a new release from Jeff, under his own name or as part of the collective Jeff Lorber Fusion, is something for guys like me to get excited about. And I was very excited to hear that the latest incarnation of the JLF, as I’m calling it in my notes, includes bass maestro Jimmy Haslip and one of my all-time favourite saxmen Eric Marienthal. The fact that drum duties are shared between fusion powerhouses Vinnie Colaiuta and Dave Weckl only served to increase my sense of anticipation.

Come on, let’s listen to some damn fine funky music. The 7-minute ‘Live Wire’ kicks us off with a driving drum beat and some nimble bass to accompany it. To me this is a club track and if I get the DJ gig I’m currently chasing, this will get some heavy rotation. The flute, keyboard and guitar solos are all sweet and keep this pounding number uplifting. Good God, I haven’t heard jazz this danceable for a long time! I also love the slower strut of ‘Big Brother’ with the sax out front and some more conventional piano sounds. It’s got that Lorber ‘loose tightness’ (I just made that up) and I love it.

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