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Aniya – Full Circle

Delbert Boyer, guitar player for Aniya has been playing for over 20 years. He grew up and performed in the Philadelphia area, including Delaware and New Jersey. Delbert has opened for major acts such as B. B. King, Pieces of a Dream, Houston Person as well as many familiar local artists and bands.  Delbert attended Temple University as a guitar major. He studied with Tom Giagabetti, Ed Flanagan and Larry McKenna. Delbert later moved to San Diego that led his career into Smooth Jazz.

Andre’ Hoxster, keyboard player for Aniya has been playing keys for over 20 years. Andre’ grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area and later moved to New Castle, Delaware. Andre’ attended Christiana Cultural Arts Center as a bassist and piano minor. He played with many local artists, bands and church groups in the tri-state area. Andre’ later moved to New Jersey where he became part of the Atlantic City scene. There he was picked up by Time Warner’s music division. Andre’ went on to play and work with many major acts. Later he moved back to Delaware for a much needed rest from the road. While on break, Andre’ met up with Delbert and they created the group Aniya. Later they hooked up with bassist, Tyrone Blanford, known as T bone and drummer, Kenny Gladney. The rest is history.

Their newest album is entitled Full Circle and now available at CDBaby.