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Wenso Ashby – The Moment of Truth

Wenso Ashby, a talented songwriter, producer, and keyboardist is known for his rhythmic inventiveness and collective improvisation. As a self-taught keyboardist, Wenso has quietly gained a reputation for his music’s clean, soulful, and jazzy perfection.

Wenso spent most of his time behind the scenes (under an assumed name) as a producer of Hip-Hop & R&B, making beats for the underground artists on the East Coast. In the spring of 2003, Wenso was overheard playing keyboards prior to a recording session by a member of the management team for one of the regional Rap Artists. To make a long story short, Wenso was persuaded to “come from underneath the rock” and pursue his true calling in Jazz. Taking that suggestion to heart, he began working on his first solo project.

With the influences of such artists as Paul Hardcastle, Keiko Matsui and Brian McKnight, Wenso completed his Debut CD ‘Midnite Walkin’ and has relocated to the Minneapolis Area to promote his Contemporary Jazz with Soul Sound. He has teamed up with vocalist Zsamé Morgan in a musical union destined to be an influence in the world of jazz for years to come.

His newest offer  The Moment of Truth is now on sale at CDBaby.