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Tony Faison – Smooth Jazz

Tony Faison is a veteran produce, songwriter and musician. He produces r&b, pop and gospel music. He plays bass, keyboard,drums and organ .

Tony comments: “Smooth Jazz project by Tony Faison is made just for you. I am Tony Faison the artist, producer, writer, musician. I play 6 instruments at a pro level. This project I introduce to you is Smooth Jazz. It is a smooth jazz project that is put together with a flow of musical genius. It’s relevant or shall I say up to date stylistically. This project is full instrumentation around the solo instrument,the piano. It was put together with you in mind, the listener. This music serves more than one purpose. It is very relaxing, romantic, inspiring, thought provoking, while it’s some of the greatest music to just simply listen to and enjoy.

Makes for great Christmas and birthday gifts as well. This is truly music to ride to. I would encourage you to not only purchase for yourself, but give your friends and family a gift that they will thank you for forever. God bless and Enjoy!!!

Enjoy Smooth Jazz at CDBaby.